Deal Not So Good For All

Belle Center, OH, 2/6/2016 - The recent news stories about Everpower and Logan-Hardin Neighbors United, Inc. (LHNU) reaching a deal that eliminates wind turbines within 2.5 miles of Indian Lake (Springfield News-Sun, 1-16-16) might make it appear that everyone is happy with the agreement reached by the two groups. However, this elimination still leaves approximately 62% of the project intact, much to the dismay of many of the remaining homeowners still inside the footprint of the project.

For the last few years, a group of concerned citizens from Logan and Hardin counties, who call themselves Fight the Wind (FTW), have been working hard to protect their families, properties, and residents in general from the Scioto Ridge Industrial Wind Complex. Fight the Wind was formed They came together in 2013 by neighbors throughout the wind project, with a goal of stopping eradicatingthe Scioto Ridge project in its entirety in order to to protect all of those impacted by it.  LHNU and FTW consolidated their efforts to defeat the wind project for a period of time until it became apparent that each group had different goals that were incompatible. FTWight the Wind members are still concerned with many of the same issues that LHNU were concerned with: property values, aesthetics, not having city sites and sounds (Springfield New-Sun 1-16-16) -- this are reasons homes are chosen in the country -- in addition to other concerns such as likehealth, h and safety, tax abatement, and wildlife, to name a few.

While The problem isn't, as Mr. Eggeneschwiller of LHNU has stated, that “There are many who want them abolished all over the world. But we couldn't impact that.” (Springfield News-Sun, 1-16-16) FTW feels that there should be no compromise and that all residents living in the project are just as important as the next and that compromising in this manner The problem is that LHNU didn’t live up to their name and left many “neighbors” out in the cold; they chose to just think about themselves instead of working as a team and eliminating the project altogether, which does, in fact, impact the number of turbines popping up around the world.  It is sad that this event just perpetuates the not-in-my-back-yard (NIMBY) ideology that many people use to discredit what FTW feels are the theserious issues associated with the siting and impact of industrial wind turbines too close to homes and families. The deal reached by LHNU and Everpower will still allow turbines to be seen from Indian Lake and will still impact 62% of the original project area. Additionally, FTW believes that if any turbines are allowed to be built in Logan County it will only facilitate the construction of many more across the county. With an Alternative Energy Zone that gives automatic tax breaks in place in Hardin County, the concern is that once construction starts there it will only attract more developers who hope to take advantage of the favorable tax structure.  

The members and families working with FTW remain committed to stopping the Scioto Wind Project for all of those affected and remain more than concerned that the deal made between Everpower and LHNU will result in the remaining residents living in an industrial zone.  For more information visit or email