I wanted to start an open discussion concerning these wind corporations who are wanting to surround our homes.  I was once a person who fully wanted wind energy.  Sounds hard to believe so I wanted to explain to you all while we all can still hear before they are potentially up.

My opinion has drastically changed after studying the issue from 2009 until now.  The history, when studied, can reveal much concerning the truth.  Does wind energy create electric?  Yes.  Were they designed with neighborhoods in mind? No.  The turbines were designed to set off shore of the main land and not intermixed with family homes.  This was where and when I parted company and no longer supported them.  Much like cigarettes,  they were not manufactured for children to smoke nor would anyone with common sense wish to change that purpose.

So why did they move in land and why have they reared their head in America?  The rest of the world have moved away from this idea of wind generation for two very important reasons;  the first is they do not generate anywhere near what their promoters claimed and the second reason they are not cost effective.

It seems odd to me that common sense does not play a more prominent role when dealing with these wind promoters.  I would like to remind people of a good, old adage. β€œHe who wants to dance should pay the fiddler.”

Well,  the wind companies want to dance,  they want the tax payer to pay the fiddler,  and now want the county to pay for the dance hall and its up keep.

 Truthfully Yours,

Wendy Powers