Dear All,

I was once in favor of green energy.  I have already stated this previously.  It seemed like a wonderful alternative to the status quo.  Mr. Al Gore said that it would be cheaper, better,  and more plentiful than fossil fuels.  Do you remember these comments? 

Well, as it turns out it actually is!  The Big Wind Corporations get low/no interest loans from the federal government, thus making it cheap…  cheap for them and more expensive when we,  the consumer,  is forced to buy it.  How high has your electric bill risen in the last eight years?  Our homes use less electricity now than they used to and we pay more.

Paying?  We pay high taxes so corporations can get cheap loans.  These wind corporations, often owned by foreigners,  then build inside of neighborhoods.  As a result of these corporate zones, they lower home and property values

Higher electric bills,  higher taxes,  and lower property values…  I would say only in America but we are now discovering from Europe and England that they have already been through this.


Wendy Powers