I was thinking about some of my good friends who have contracted with the wind corporations to lease their ground.  It seems to me this information would do anyone some good who has or who is thinking about doing this.  Remember,  Invenergy promised that the Hardin County Commissioners had to "move fast" to get this opportunity.  This way,  the wind turbines would be erected by the end on 2010.  Hmmmm,  these guys wouldn't have lied would they?
To lease your ground please remember:

  • You can say where they go in relationship of making them more distantfrom your neighbors
  • Land owners who hold out the longest get the most money
  • Specify how long is allowed to fix drainage and tile problems...they happen everywhere else there are turbines and they will happen to you.
  • Also, the land owners has a full house for a hand in this poker game before they are up and after they are up the land owner isn't even dealt into the game.

Don't find yourself "powerless."

Your Friend,

Wendy Powers