It took a lot for me to write about these wind turbines because I am a farmer.  I am also a farmer who, in the beginning, was signing up for some of them back in 2008 and 2009.  Well, I didn’t sign back up for another five year lease because these fellas are something.  I was offered $8,000 a turbine at first which would be a fair chunk of change compared to a bushel of corn.  So I waited and told them I would think about it.  I tried to do some searching on the company but I never had the time I guess.  They did come back though and offered $9,000 a turbine which I signed for and regret now I was in the same pen with.

Now if you listen, since then I found out my neighbor waited longer than me and got almost $11,000.  Hmmm, I said, I wonder why?  The wind corporations cannot use right of ways and they have to go across farm ground.  Well, they never told me that.  They also don’t tell you a lot of things like how my good neighbor’s house will get flying shadows all over it when he is home from work.  They also do not say anything about the time it will take them to fix drainage issues caused by their towers. 

I was a trusting fella like most of us are but I feel like I should have done as much homework before signing on to them.  I spent more time trying to find a penny more a bushel than I did on these 500 foot towers.  I’ll admit it, I was stupid so I never re-upped. 

Like my grandpa used to say out in the pasture when I was little…”Better watch your step.”

An Area Farmer